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Belly Chains Galore!

So Harvest had made a couple kinds of belly chains a couple weeks ago. Here they are along with the LM and marketplace link!

[Haste] Belly Chain - Black

[Haste] Belly Chain - Gold

[Haste] Belly Chain - Silver

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Black

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Gold

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Silver

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Hermatite

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Black & Gold

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Black & Silver

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Gold & Black

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Gold & Silver

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Silver & Black

[Haste] Three Belly Chain - Silver & Gold

Haste Landmark
Haste Marketplace

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New Collar

New mesh collar that’s in stores now for Haste! Comes in 4 different colors being gold, black, silver, and chrome!

[Haste] Come Closer Collar Gold

[Haste] Come Closer Collar Black

[Haste] Come Closer Collar Silver

[Haste] Come Closer Collar Chrome

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February Round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Hey. So these are our two items out for Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

[Haste] Ripped Dress

fur and chains add

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More new items

In store!

[Haste] Corset Shirt Ad

Corset Shirt in stores in several colors!

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Fantasy Gacha Carnival Items

Finally remembering to update this blog. Sorry for the delay! So we were in this October round of Fantasy Gacha Carnival and I hope y’all can get over there and get what items you want! ♥

[Haste] Cage Dress for Fantasy Gacha Carnival
[Haste] for Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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Past Releases

Yeah I guess I really need to be updating this more. SORRY! ♥

[Haste] Lazy Summer
[Haste] Flared Tube Top
[Haste] Short Top
[Haste] Baby T

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Rope Harness for Mesh Boobs

Exciting news with [Haste] is with our new rope harness. We have now made a model that can fit the mesh Lolas and Lush boobs! They are NOT appliers, they are a completely different model. Though in the pack you will receive the regular harness as well. Come pick them up at the main store! New store coming soon along with some exciting more news on mesh boobs. <3

[Haste] Rope Harness Lolas

And we also have a top I forgot to add to the blog! Sorry!

Flared Tube Top Ad



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