Rope Harness for Mesh Boobs

Exciting news with [Haste] is with our new rope harness. We have now made a model that can fit the mesh Lolas and Lush boobs! They are NOT appliers, they are a completely different model. Though in the pack you will receive the regular harness as well. Come pick them up at the main store! New store coming soon along with some exciting more news on mesh boobs. ❤

[Haste] Rope Harness Lolas

And we also have a top I forgot to add to the blog! Sorry!

Flared Tube Top Ad



FaMESHed Turns 1!

Hello y’all! I know it’s been a while since we got out anything new, but we have had such a busy RL. Anyways, we are featured in this month’s FaMESHed and it’s turning 1! Excited to be able to be in this round and the husband and I worked around the clock today to get it done. I hope y’all enjoy! ❤

Drapery Dress

Also all color choices are shown below –

Drapery Dress Fat Pack

TP to FaMESHed’s birthday bash!

Playing Catch Up

Hey y’all. Sorry I’ve been slacking on updating the website so I will go ahead and fix it all up at once! You ready?

Flared Tube Top Ad

Last but not least our newest item! ❤

Haste Flared Tube Top CWNH

Cold Winters Hunt item! ❤

[Haste] Jean Jacket & Long Tube Top Vendor

This item was featured at FaMESHed a couple months ago!

Unhinged Vendor SL

Tube Top was featured for a gacha fundraiser event called Unhinged! ❤

Micro ADD

Cover Up Ad

Our two items that were at Around the World event!


The Costume Ball Dress

Heyyy! So The Costume Ball event is finally OPEN, and there’s so many goodies there including our own exclusive item The Costume Ball Dress pack which includes all 100% items. Dress, gloves, and mask. All standard sizes for each piece along with alphas included. The mask is also click color change of 8 different colors! I hope y’all hop on over there and pick it up! ❤

The Costume Ball