New at L’amitie Summer Market

Hey there! So we are in a new event called L’amitie Summer Market which is featured at the Rack Poses sim for a small sidewalk market. It’s super cute. We took one of our old bikini’s and decided to remake it and put a new spin on it. There’s 10 colors each being 200L each. You can go ahead and check out the event now even though not all designers are set up so keep checking back! ♥

[Haste] Micro at L'amitie Summer MarketL'Amitie Summer MarketTaxi to the event!

Adding New Bloggers

It’s that time again! We decided to look for some new fresh bloggers! If you’re interested in our brand and able to blog our items as we release them then please apply below! We do many events between urban and Gorean with a touch of BDSM so if you’re not into wearing items that sometimes involve little coverage of the body then no need to apply! LOL.